The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Success

by Ben Winn

The Beginner's Guide to Customer Success includes information, strategies, and formulas that Ben has tested and validated in real-world settings. Reading this guide will enable you to gain a strong understanding of what Customer Success is, how to create a Customer Success playbook, and how to begin employing strategies that will help you drive revenue, reduce churn, and optimize the customer experience.

I believe I may have found MY CS Bible! The Ebook was such an easy read, straight to the point - no fluff. Most importantly, it’s full of useful actionable advice.
— Bobbette Bennett, Head of Customer Success, Hypercare
The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Success is the perfect way to get your Customer Success efforts up and running. It not only tells you what Customer Success is, but it gives you strategies, guidelines, and principles that are helpful for both creating and optimizing CS teams. A must-read for growing startups!
— Taylor Bond, Head of Growth, SalesRight
My background is entirely in Sales, so up until this point, I’d only experienced Customer Success from a Sales perspective. Reading Ben’s eBook though, I was able to understand a whole other side of the business, which makes working with CS more productive and efficient, and actually gives me an edge on the Sales side as well.
— Bill Wilson, CEO, Mindsea